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The Misadventures of Berrylicious

Pandora's Secret

Pandora's Secret

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I have a few notices from Pandora's Secret in my inbox that always prompt an "OMG, I should archive that...what if someone were to see!" response each time they catch my eye.

Pandora's Secret, however, is not an *ahem* adult sexual wellness site. It's not the place I go for bikini waxes. It's not a lingerie store.

It's a nail salon.

A nail salon that fills me with Southern Baptist Shame* when I see I see the emails.

Those guys should really have considered a different name. Even Pandora's Spa would have been better.

*I wasn't actually raised Southern Baptist. I was raised in the Church of Christ. All the Baptist restrictions without the musical accompaniment. But I wasn't sure people would get Church of Christ Shame.
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